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The Art Of Breathing Professional

Written by:  Dr. Hamid Nassery
Date Published: 12/26/2021

Breathing. The simple act of taking air in and pushing it out. Seems elementary. All of us do it since birth so we all think we know it. But do we really? Many of our new patients are curious and somewhat surprised as to why a dentist talks so much about breathing. Well, allow me to elaborate. Havin...

Physiological State Of Occlusal Orthotics And The Diagnosis Of Myogenous Orofacial Pain In Reducing TMD Headaches And Other Symptoms Professional

Date Published: 10/6/2021
Keywords: occlusal orthotics, myofascial pain...

By: Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S.* and Brian E. Hale, D.D.S. *Corresponding author: Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S. 9061 W. Post Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89148, USA Tel: +1 702-271-2950 https://www.occlusionconnections.com Abstract: Treatment of common myogenic oriented orofacial pain in dentistry using occlusal orthot...

Award Of Excellence For Maintaining Top 1% Ranking On Rankipedia General

Date Published: 12/31/2022

It is our pleasure at Rankipedia to present Dr. John Anastasatos with the award of excellence in Plastic AND Cosmetic Surgery for maintaining a Top 1% Ranking amongst his peers for the past 24 months. It is a rare luxury these days to celebrate the honest, unmaniplated “Best of the&...

Understanding Rankipedia's Ratings

Find Exactly What You Need

Date Published: 4/22/2022
Keywords: rating, ratings, help

Rankipedia has a lot of information and sometimes that information can be overwhelming! Ratings are a quick, easy way to make sense of this information to find exactly what you need.   What are "Ratings"? Almost every piece of a professional's information can be rated. It's...

Cosmetic Verse Plastic Surgery - What's The Difference?

Knowing How To Choose The Right Professional For You

Date Published: 4/15/2022
Keywords: plastic, cosmetic, surgery

Both cosmetic and plastic surgery aims to improve your appearance or repair defects. So what's the difference? How do you choose the right doctor for your needs? The short answer to the difference comes down to three things: training, research and goals. Let me explain.   The Misunderstanding A...

Relying On Friend's Recommendations When Selecting Professionals Blog

Written by:  Dr. Dennis W. Neder
Date Published: 11/11/2021

You have to make the right calls when your health is at stake. Whether it's with primary health concerns or you need a specialist, choosing the right doctor is crucial. It’s a very personal decision as your needs are different from someone else’s and there are many factors that will driv...

QWO: The Innovative Cellulite Treatment Of The Future Professional

Written by:  Dr. Steve Laverson
Date Published: 11/10/2021

Did you know that cellulite affects up to 90% of women at some point in their lives? Cellulite does not discriminate, and may appear no matter your shape, size, weight, age, or race. Since the root cause of cellulite is still widely unknown, it is nearly impossible to prevent it completely. To comba...

Learning To Trust Again

...Online Ratings, That Is!

Written by:  Dr. Dennis W. Neder
Date Published: 10/15/2021

Once upon a time, the internet was a place to get the information you needed quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, recent marketing strategies have completely altered the way we receive information online. When using a search engine to find information or reviews of a product, service or professio...

Amazing Features Coming Soon! News

Written by:  Dr. Dennis W. Neder
Date Published: 10/6/2021

Let me let you in on a little secret: Rankipedia has some great, new features being added right now! Take a look: Best Price Now! How would you like to have great professionals actually bidding on your business? If you've ever wondered if you're getting the best price for the right product or servic...

Welcome To Rankipedia! Blog

Written by:  Dr. Dennis W. Neder
Date Published: 10/6/2021
Keywords: welcome, rankipedia

As professionals ourselves, we found every search site, listing site, review site and ranking site lacking. Well, not exactly lacking. More like corrupt! It's not that these sites don't provide information - they do, often lots of it. They just don't provide the information we need in the way we nee...