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Award Of Excellence For Maintaining Top 1% Ranking On Rankipedia


Rankipedia Award of Excellence

It is our pleasure at Rankipedia to present Dr. John Anastasatos with the award of excellence in Plastic AND Cosmetic Surgery for maintaining a Top 1% Ranking amongst his peers for the past 24 months.

It is a rare luxury these days to celebrate the honest, unmaniplated “Best of the Best” and that luxury graces me this day.

Rankipedia is dedicated to discovering the rare, often uncovered, gems in the healthcare industry. By placing in our Top 1% among the wide, competitive field of peers and holding that for the past 24 months, Dr. Anastasatos has earned our Performance Award of Excellence”.

Rankipedia collects data through the use of web crawlers, consumer interactions, human curated data, industry high-performance standards and information from the professional's own office, then, using a unique, proprietary Artificial Intellegence engine, calculates rankings from over 60 industry-specific criteria.

Unlike so many illegitimate, pandering awards, Rankipedia’s rankings cannot be bought, nor manipulated using clever (and sometimes, not so clever) techniques. This makes your rankings as real as it gets!

Again, our sincere congratulations on Dr. Anastasatos' great contributions to the industry and his patients.


Dr. Dennis Neder Co-Founder, CEO