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Understanding Rankipedia's Ratings

Find Exactly What You Need


Rankipedia has a lot of information and sometimes that information can be overwhelming!

Ratings are a quick, easy way to make sense of this information to find exactly what you need.


What are "Ratings"?

Almost every piece of a professional's information can be rated. It's important to know however that only Members (those who are logged in) can give ratings. This ensures that ratings are verifiable and accurate.

Without this, it'd be very easy to add bogus, scammed or manipulated ratings! This would quickly impact the value of information you get from Rankipedia.

You can think of ratings as your way to helping Rankipedia create and rank all of its professionals, products and services.


What Gets Rated?

Short answer: almost everything!

Rankipedia collects ratings on all sorts of information it provides. These ratings let others explain their views and all of this is coordinated into the important part of Rankipedia: its rankings.

Interestingly, ratings (and rankings) are carefully coordinated by many different factors. For instance, Rankipedia separates ratings given by consumers, other professionals in the same industry and experts as each of these offer a different perspective on what's being rated.


The Ratings, Explained:

Now, let's explore some of the most popular Rankipedia ratings:



Rankipedia Rating The Rankipedia Rating

Meaning: A higher rating is better.

This is the overall "at a glance" rating of everything about a professional, the products they provide and the services they render. If you're in a hurry and want to know clearly how a professional performs, start with the Rankipedia Rating.



Value Rating The Value Rating

Meaning: A higher rating usually means they provide better products and services at a lower price.

This is a great tool to determine just how a professional's products and services fit overall.

Note that the way you establish "value" for you and your family's needs may differ from someone else's. Consider buying ground coffee. If there was a single "best value" of one brand, why would any other brand exist? The answer is that, others value different things than you do. They may want the least expensive coffee and don't care as much about taste, or they may want coffee from only a certain kind of bean or region.

The benefit of the Value rating is to give you a very broad, general indicator of the quality and experience provided by a professional compared to their price. 



Quality Rating The Quality Rating

Meaning: A higher rating is better.

Rankipedia allows for many different things to be quality-rated from items in a professional's portfolio, to the office and staff to the professional overall.

When you see a quality rating on listings or the professional's profile, it applies to all areas (that is, overall) for the professional - like a summary.

When you see quality ratings on specific items, you know it applies only to that item.



Would Recommend Rating The Would Recommend Rating

Meaning: A higher rating means that others are more likely to recommend this professional to friends, family, colleagues, etc.

How likely are you to recommend a professional to your friends, family or co-workers? If you really like their work and their products you are probably more likely to recommend them than if not. On the other hand, maybe you were very happy with the professional, but you found their pricing to be very high, or that they were lacking in some other way.

This rating helps you understand how likely others are to recommend a professional.



Consumer Experience Rating The Consumer Experience Rating

Meaning: A higher rating is better.

There are many factors that go into a consumer's experience with a professional. For example, you may have had an excellent experience with a professional, but found it difficult to find parking or a rude staff member, etc. This rating tells you how others have found their experience to be with this professional.



Price Rating The Price Rating

Meaning: A lower rating means this professional's prices generally fall to the lower side of the industry. A higher rating means the professional is generally, more expensive.

For some people price is king - they want the absolute lowest price available and sometimes are less concerned with other factors like quality, availability, delivery, etc.

Other people don't mind paying a premium if they can get exactly what they want.

This rating helps you to know how this professional's pricing leans: higher or lower considering the rest of the market.