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Welcome To Rankipedia!

Written by:  Dr. Dennis W. Neder

As professionals ourselves, we found every search site, listing site, review site and ranking site lacking.

Well, not exactly lacking. More like corrupt!

It's not that these sites don't provide information - they do, often lots of it. They just don't provide the information we need in the way we need it.

Rather than consider what we're looking for and trying to help give the right information based on our specific needs, they ignore all that and just shove the information they want at us.

It reminds me of the sides of some buildings in rural Mexico with ad upon ad just plastered over each other - and none of it very relevant to anything.

This is why we created Rankipedia: to stop this madness and start bringing some relevancy to information on the Internet. Another way to think about this is to make the information you find on the internet relevant to you.

Rankipedia does away with "buy your way to the top" marketing. Professionals get to compete for your business based on what makes them great - not how much they spend. Consumers win by finally getting real, relevant and accurate information that meets thier individual, personal needs - not those of the marketers trying to get you to buy their client's products and services.

Professionals win too - big!

That's because they can now tell their stories in a way they couldn't before. They can compete for consumers based on true merit, experience and ability. They can eliminate the huge marketing budgets needed just to stay alive and instead connect with consumers who want and need what they do in the way they do it. Further, because the artificial intelligence matching system works so well, the number of consumers delighted with you just goes up and up!

Rankipedia is a huge goal, but it's one who's time has certainly come. Look around, explore the information here. You'll soon agree that Rankipedia is the solution you've always needed.

Welcome to the internet with integrity!