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QWO: The Innovative Cellulite Treatment Of The Future

Written by:  Dr. Steve Laverson

Did you know that cellulite affects up to 90% of women at some point in their lives? Cellulite does not discriminate, and may appear no matter your shape, size, weight, age, or race. Since the root cause of cellulite is still widely unknown, it is nearly impossible to prevent it completely. To combat this affliction, a myriad of cellulite treatments have surfaced over the years, ranging from topical home remedies to laser therapy, and in some cases even surgery.

The appearance of cellulite can destroy your self esteem, affect your clothing choices, and can become costly if you choose to reverse it using invasive or ineffective treatment methods.

Luckily, after decades of inadequate approaches, the FDA approved the very first non-invasive, injectable cellulite treatment in the United States. Despite the fact that this treatment is still relatively new, studies and anecdotes from patients who have already participated indicate that it could be the answer we have been searching for! The future of cellulite treatment is here, and it is called QWO.

What Is QWO?
According to their official website, “QWO is the first and only FDA-approved injectable for moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of adult women.” It is touted as being one of the best cellulite treatments available today, and does not require the use of incisions or surgery.

QWO treatment is administered by inserting a small needle directly into targeted dimples on the buttocks, and is continued over the course of three separate appointments. QWO treatments can be completed in as little as 10 minutes, and are simple, convenient, and non-invasive.

What Is Cellulite?
To understand the treatment options, we must first have a firm grasp on the condition itself. Cellulite occurs when the fat cells under our skin grow and multiply over time as a result of hormones, diet, and lifestyle. During this process, fibrous cords connect the skin to the muscles, pulling the skin downward as the fat pushes upward. Over time, this causes cellulite’s telltale dimpled appearance on the surface of the skin. Cellulite may show up in various places, but is most commonly seen on the buttocks, hips, and thighs.

How Does QWO Work?
QWO is a liquid solution that contains enzymes called collagenases that are injected into the depressions (or dimples) on the skin.This solution allows the fibrous bands beneath the skin to relax, which in turn smooths the surface of dimpled skin.

Additionally, it is believed that QWO injections may help to redistribute the fat cells and encourage the growth of collagen. This improves the surface of the skin, giving it a smoother, more supple appearance.

What Can I Expect From a QWO Treatment?
What if I told you that you can treat cellulite in as little as 10 minutes? That’s right, each QWO treatment can be completed within 10 minutes with no pain, no downtime, and no recovery period! Your specialist may suggest between 1-3 initial sessions depending on the depth and severity of your cellulite. Tthese sessions will typically be scheduled about 21 days apart.

Thanks to the non-invasive nature of QWO treatments, you won’t have to plan for any downtime as you would with a surgical treatment. You may, however, experience some minor bruising around the injection sites, which is perfectly normal and harmless. If you do experience bruising after your QWO treatment, you may use arnica-based ointments to reduce the appearance of the bruise, and avoid taking medications or supplements that contribute to blood thinning (including fish oil, ibuprofen, and aspirin). The good news is that the likelihood of bruising decreases after the first couple of treatments, once your body has adapted to the injections.

The visible results from your first treatment will begin appearing within approximately 3-6 weeks, although results vary from patient to patient. Some women have reported a noticeable improvement in their skin within just a few days, while others noted that it took a couple of weeks to notice the effects of their QWO treatment.

Is QWO Right For Me?
QWO treatments are widely available, affordable, and considered safe to use for most healthy individuals. It is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment for cellulite, and has been used in two phase 3 clinical studies. 

Most healthy women with moderate to severe cellulite would be great candidates for QWO treatment. If you’d like to learn more about how QWO treatment can improve your quality of life, give us a call today!