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Professionals are why Rankipedia exists!

Rankipedia lets you target your market quickly, clearly and effectively - gone are the days of "scatter-gun marketing".

You can now connect with customers who value what you offer in the way you offer it. You can finally compete directly with other companies on a level playing field based on merit, price and value.

Big marketing budget or small, you can now target the customers who understand your business.

It all begins with your profile! Begin by registering today. Then, tell Rankipedia your story and start connecting with those consumers who need you.

Why Upgrade my Profile?

Rankipedia's free profile gives you the tools to get started right away. By telling your story, you'll connect with consumers who want a professional that works the way you do.

Upgrading your profile gives you even more tools to tell your story - more clearly and more specifically than ever before! You gain greater visibility, consumer confidence and can even more narrowly target those consumers who are most likely to buy your products and services.

What Are Rankings?

Rankings show how closely you match a consumer’s specific needs.

When a consumer uses Rankipedia to locate service and product providers (you!) they describe what’s important to them – and this isn’t always price! Of course consumers want value (just one of Rankipedia’s rating factors) but they also need much more.

The better you tell your story, the better Rankipedia becomes at matching you with consumers who need you. You can’t “buy your way to the top” of Rankipedia. Instead, you earn your way to the top just by being great and telling your story!

Go ahead and brag a little. You've earned it!

Improve My Rankings

You control your rankings by telling your story. The more detailed, specific and complete you are the higher you’ll rank with consumers who are looking for what you do in the way you do it.

You’ve worked hard to get good at what you do. Don’t hide all that hard work! Your education, certifications, experience and industry connections all help with your Rankipedia ranking.

Tell your customers and colleagues about Rankipedia too – it will help you! As they rate and share your work (and you rate and share theirs) your rankings will grow.

Connect Rankipedia with your social media accounts. Rankipedia will help you tell your story there too and your rankings will continue to grow even more.

Most important: attach your personal Rankipedia Plaque to your website.

This links your website visitors directly back to your Rankipedia profile so they can learn even more about you; and yes, this too will help your rankings grow!

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