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Rankipedia is all about professionals!


You've spent your career perfecting your craft, learning how to deliver for consumers who work with you, navigating a sea of "red tape" and want to tell your story.

This is why Rankipedia was created!

Rankipedia helps professionals directly target consumers who want what they offer in the way the offer it! Rather than spending thousands of dollars on "scatter gun" marketing approaches, you can now pin-point consumers who match your (and your service's and product's) strongest values!

Instead of charging you to rank well, Rankipedia lets you compete directly, clearly and fairly with other professionals based on the quality of your services and products; Rankipedia evens the playing field regardless of your marketing budget!


How do I get started?

Begin by registering (it's free!) This will allow you to create a new profile or claim an existing one.

After you confirm your registration (takes only seconds!) simply use Rankipedia's Profile Editor to tell your story. How long have you been in business? What about your location(s) and staffing? What services and products do you provide? How about your social media and technology? Upload your portfolio of work too! All of this helps you become more valuable to your market and thus, improves your ranking on Rankipedia.


How do I Improve my Ranking?

Every activity someone performs on your profile (like a rating or comment) improves your Rankipedia Ranking. Also, every activity YOU perform on someone else's profile helps you too! You are a consumer with Rankipedia just as regular consumers are!

Invite your peer network to come join Rankipedia too - it helps your own rankings!

Everything that happens on Rankipedia helps you more closely target your market. This connects you with consumers who will actually buy your services and products, so you want to spend some time with Rankipedia and tell your story. Go ahead! Give yourself some praise! You've earned it!

Be sure to fill out your portfolio too! This is a crucial, valuable part of helping consumers find you!

Most important: be sure to get your free Rankipedia Plaque and add it to your website! The shield directs consumers to your Rankipedia profile page where you can tell them about the great things you're doing and how others have benefitted.


Need more?

Rankipedia is built to grow with you. Add new services and products and Rankipedia will be here to help consumers find you. Adding a new location? Joining a professional or civic organization? Let Rankipedia know!