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Rankipedia is an un-gameable, artificially intelligent ranking, matching and search engine.

The promise of the internet used to be, “the information you needed, how you needed it, right at your fingertips”. That was great - until the marketers got in the way.

Now information is shoved at us – and only the information these marketers want us to see. The "deepest pockets" win.

Rankipedia solves this by ranking professionals, products and services fairly – based on real, non-gameable, industry-specific values and merits. There’s no manipulating results or “buying your way to the top” here!

Instead, professionals tell Rankipedia their “story” – what makes them and the products and services they offer, great. Every time you search, this information is run through Rankipedia’s artificial intelligence to determine the very best matches for you – not for someone you’ve never met or the professionals with the biggest advertising budget.

Try it for yourself! You’re going to be amazed at the ease and efficiency in getting what you want – and need.

Finally, the internet with integrity!