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Rankipedia is an un-gameable, artificially intelligent ranking, matching search engine.

The promise of the internet used to be, “the information you needed, how and when you needed it, right at your fingertips”. That was great - until the marketers got in the way.

Now information is shoved at us – and only the information these marketers want us to see. Their client's messages are right at the top of the listings because the "deepest pockets" win. This usually has little to do with what you actually want and need.

Rankipedia solves this by ranking professionals, products and services fairly and accurately based on real, non-gameable, industry-specific values and merits. There’s no manipulating results or “buying your way to the top” here!

Instead, professionals tell Rankipedia their “story” – what makes them and the products and services they offer, great. Every time you do a new search, this request is run through Rankipedia’s artificial intelligence engine to determine the very best matches for you – not for someone you’ve never met or the professionals with the biggest advertising budget.

Try it for yourself! You’re going to be amazed at the ease and efficiency in getting what you want – and need.

Finally, the internet with integrity!

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Want to know what makes Rankipedia different than the search engines and listing sites you've been using? Here are just a few (of many) ways:

Real, Up-to-Date Information

Rankipedia looks at real fact-based information - not marketing "hype".

That is, what someone claims and what's actually true are often confused as the same thing.

Rankipedia fixes this problem by curating actual, verifiable information and comparing it against industry standards. It knows what's real and what's exaggeration.

Thus, when you see professional's rankings here, you know they are true and reliable, but more important - they are based on real industry-specific criteria, because:

Rankipedia Uses Unique Criteria

Rankipedia understands that plastic surgeons are very different from restaurants or banks or universities. Thus, consumers look for different things when they are trying to find a professional.

This seems obvious, but no other site on the internet seems to understand this - they rank and rate all professionals the same way using very limited criteria.

Rankipedia Can't be "Gamed"

Marketers and professionals spend billions each year trying to get to the top of listings on the major sites. Considering how competitive businesses are, this makes sense.

Unfortunately, much of this cost goes to trying to manipulate the results by unscrupulous agents. This works against both the consumer and other, top-performing professionals.

Worse, these costs are passed right on to the consumer in higher prices.

Rankipedia's artificial intelligence awards legitimate business information, quality work and superior products and services and punishes attempts to game results.

Thus, unlike other search sites, you can rely on the rankings you find here.

Listings are Personalized

You probably have different needs than your neighbor. Assuming that everyone's needs are the same reduces the value of rankings for everyone.

Rankipedia lets you customize what's important to you and then, produces rankings to match.

This changes the game for consumers who, until now, have been at the mercy of those professionals with the largest marketing budget.

Finally, your needs come first!

Professionals Love Rankipedia Too!

Rankipedia levels the playing field. Professionals are no longer forced to spend big just to get noticed.

They can compete very directly with big-budget companies on actual merit and value. They get to show exactly they are the best choice for you and your family.

More important, they can grow by being great and then, pass those savings directly to the consumer!

Even better, Rankipedia connects them directly to consumers who match their values and thus, have the highest chance of being thrilled with their products and services!

So, be sure to share Rankipedia with your friends, family and colleagues. They'll benefit just as you will.

We promise to keep these goals as the main (and only) motivation behind Rankipedia. As we grow, so will the power we all gain from the internet.