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Rankipedia is all about consumers!


Trying to find accurate, timely information about the products and services you need has become a nightmare! Finding the right professionals - the ones who do business in the way you expect them to - has become even worse.

This is why Rankipedia was created!

Rankipedia helps consumers compare "apples to apples" - based on exactly how you do business. The problem has been that professionals traditionally had to compete exclusively on marketing budgets. If you could "buy your way to the top" of a search engine or a traditional (and obsolete!) "review site", you could do well. But, what if your budget isn't huge?

Now, professionals can tell their stories which gives Rankipedia the clues to match your needs fast, clearly and accurately.


How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! Just tell Rankipedia what you're looking for using the "Guide Me" area on the left of the consumer's screen. This lets you custom-design your own personal search.

Too much work? No worries - just try the search bar at the top! Rankipedia will go to work finding exactly what you're looking for in a single step. Then, click on the links that look promising. It's really just that easy!

Using Rankipedia is free and you don't even have to to register. However, if you do, you'll get a ton of great added benefits!

For example, you'll be able to come back and rate the services and products you got from the professional; you'll be able to leave comments, join other savvy consumers just like yourself and discuss your experiences and will even start earning points for everything you do which can lead to valuable savings and "member-only" specials offered by our professionals.

Registering is free and takes only seconds! Considering all the great benefits, you'll want to get started on it right away.


Need more?

Rankipedia is built to grow with you. We have many great consumer-oriented programs planned in the near future. Stay tuned and become part of the family - we'll continue to find new ways to make your experiences even better.