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Better Than "Buying Your Way To The Top"

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Written by:  Dr. Dennis W. Neder

I know you've seen this. Your competition - who you know doesn't offer the value you do or the products or the services or the options or the customer relationships - somehow found their way to the first page of the search engines and listing sites. You are down somewhere on the fifth or sixth page if you're lucky.

Wait. How can that be? Don't these sites show the best choices for the market?

Unfortunately, no. That's not their business model. They are in business of selling those top pages along with keywords and other manipulations. Consumers don't know this or at best, they have so little time as to only be able to search two or maybe three pages deep, leaving you nowhere to be found.

This is very much like how supermarkets work too. Those coveted spaces on the shelves at eye level and closest to the entrance go for more than the bottom shelves in the back.

This is known as "pay to play". That is, the more you pay, the more you play!

Not only is this misleading, but it serves to harm both consumers and professionals. Unless you have the deepest pockets among your competitors most of those highly motivated consumers will completely miss you.

Worse, the options keep getting more expensive every year. Those at the top of the list continue to pay more to stay there.

If you have a better product or service, how is this fair? Of course, it's not. What would be fair is to focus on the quality itself and specifically how it meets the consumer's needs. Professionals who provide the values the consumer needs should rank higher (and earlier in the listings) with those consumers than ones who don't - regardless of their marketing budget.

This is why we created Rankipedia.

Rankipedia is designed by professionals for professionals to do this exact thing. It matches consumer's needs with professional's skills and values fairly, accurately and without marketing hype or "spin". When professionals excel at specific services or offer superior products or position themselves to provide unique values, Rankipedia helps connect consumers who share those priorities with the professionals who provide them.

Isn't that the real "promise of the internet"?

Do you want to know how to rank highly with Rankipedia? Here's how:

  • Focus on your "core strengths" - what makes you great at what you do?
  • Focus on your differences – what makes you stand out from the competition?
  • What values do consumers get; above your competition, by doing business with you?

Rankipedia gives you a unique way to express these points. It certainly has all the facts – your hours of operation, your staff and location, your education, the products and services you offer, etc. But it goes far beyond that into important things that many consumers demand. These are aspects of your business that are extremely difficult to express to consumers. For instance, your attention to detail, your ability to handle unexpected issues that arise, your commitment to your local community and to the industries in which you practice, your focus on continued education, ability to implement the latest, best techniques and even your wisdom to help direct consumers to the best options for them.

These are just a few of the ways that Rankipedia gives you a unique platform to help consumers know why you're their best choice.

Rankipedia's artificial intelligence's goal is to match consumers with the absolute best professionals based on individual values - not what the industry or the marketers claim they should want.

What's great about this is that you can rank very highly with consumers who already want what you do the way you do it! Talk about owning a market!