Rankipedia Features

Rankipedia is a new way to discover the right professionals for every need or situation.

Unlike traditional search engines and rating sites, Rankipedia tracks and ranks a very large amount of information - and makes that information available to you. Professional are rewarded for telling you their stories in ways that appeal clearly and specifically to your needs. This way, professionals can closely target consumers who share their values and business philosophies and consumers can find professionals who match their needs precisely.

When you select an industry and specialty from Rankipedia's menu you'll first see professionals who are ranked the highest overall in your local area. You'll be able to see how they compare with other professionals in a number of different, important areas. Choosing a professional from this list is a sure bet to getting quality products and services.

But, Rankipedia doesn't end there!

What if you have specific concerns or needs? What if you are looking for professionals who meet different standards and criteria? Perfect! Just tell Rankipedia what's important and let it show you which professionals fit best. For example, maybe you want to find a doctor who specializes in a particular procedure, who has been in practice for a number of years and who is well respected and reviewed by other doctors. Rankipedia will help you find those doctors in your local area.

Maybe you're concerned with finding a professional in a certain price range. Rankipedia can help you find the perfect professional to match any budget. Would you like to see examples of the professional's work? What if you could even see how other professionals view that work and learn why it's good or bad?

This is where Rankipedia really shines!

Rankipedia helps you cut through all the marketing hype, jargon and sales pitches to discover the products and services you need - in exactly the way you need them.

So, spend some time and look around! You're going to be amazed at what you discover here as you start building your own, highly-personalized team of professionals who do business the way you want them to.

You and Rankipedia - the perfect partnership!