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Our Mission

To collect, organize, rank and display the world's information based on individual industry specific standards relevant to the user's values.

At Rankipedia, we put you in control

Until now, it was impossible to find, compare and select professionals based on your personal needs and values. Typical review sites only tell you what someone else wants you to know. Enter Rankipedia.

With Rankipedia, you can now find professionals customized by your own values.

YOU decide what's most important: price, location, quality, years in business, popularity, etc. and Rankipedia does the rest! Cut through the clutter, eliminate the guessing games and compare apples to apples by ranking objectively and accurately. Professionals win too by reaching consumers who share their unique values!

Meet Our Team

Image of Dr. Dennis Neder

Dr. Dennis Neder Chief Executive Officer

Image of Dr. Shervin Erfani

Dr. Shervin Erfani Chairman

Image of Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson Chief Technical Officer

Image of Renee Guss

Renee Guss Vice President, Information Systems

Image of Sam Hatch

Sam Hatch Vice President, Design and User Experience

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