Rankipedia Help - General

Welcome to Rankipedia!


Smart consumers and business professionals have discovered the answer to endless marketing "hype" and expensive ad campaigns - Rankipedia.

Unlike traditional search engines and reviewer sites, consumers can find the professionals, goods and services you need organized by your own personal priorities.

Professionals can show clearly how they are different without having to resort to marketing gimmicks and "scatter-gun" marketing approaches; instead being able to target those consumers who want professionals who think like they do.


Getting Started:

Using Rankipedia is simple! First, are you a consumer looking for services and products or are you a business professional? Simple choose the panel at the top of the home page to get started.

Consumers can then begin their search using the "Guide Me" section of the website.

Professionals can begin by creating an account with Rankipedia (free!) and then just telling your story. Don't worry, Rankipedia will walk you through the steps you need to get started right away.


I'm in a hurry!

Perfect! Just type a few words into the search bar at the top and Rankipedia will go to work for you right away!


Want even more from Rankipedia?

Consumers and experts can register for free with Rankipedia too! By doing so (using our quick, easy registration tool in the menu at the top) you'll be part of the "Rankipedia Community" where you can start adding your own ratings, comments and much more! Even better, you'll start earning points with everything you do and these can be redeemed for valuable services, products, discounts, "member-only" specials and much more - just by doing what you came to the internet for in the first place! Pretty cool, huh?


How does Rankipedia Work?

Actually, pretty great! Professionals come to Rankipedia to tell their stories - their "business philosophy", what they've done to be great, who they work with, etc. All of this information helps them to target specific consumers who want and need their services/products and want to do business in the same way.

But, it doesn't end there! In fact, by rating professionals, connecting with others on social media, creating a network of talent, etc., professional's become even more valuable to their communities and markets. Having other professionals rate their work also gives them greater credibility and thus, they become better ranked to help meet their markets.

Rankipedia is truly the answer to the original promise of the internet! Consumers can find the right professionals for their needs and professionals can target the right consumers for their products and services. It's a match made in heaven!


I'm an industry expert - can I get involved with Rankipedia?

You bet! If you are an industry "watchdog", blogger, vlogger, writer, consultant or other type of expert who works directly with or reviews professionals, you can also register with Rankipedia and help consumers even more by sharing your expertise. You begin by registering with Rankipedia and marking the selection that you are an "expert". Rankipedia will take a short time to vet your credentials and upon approval, you're ready to go!


What if I have a great experience with a professional and want to help others find them?

Fantastic! Be sure to rate the professional and their work. Add your reviews and invite your friends, family and social media contacts to experience what you have too. All of this helps the professional.


What if I have a bad experience with a professional?

Sometimes professionals and consumers simply aren't a good match. With Rankipedia's systems, this doesn't happen very often however. If you aren't happy with the services or products you've received, rate them on the professional's page too. This actually helps the professional to better target consumers who will benefit more closely!


What if I have more questions?

Take a look through the context help system - there are tons of answers there. If you still aren't getting the answers you need, use the contact links at the bottom of the page and we'll get you where you need to go.